Ceremony in english

Foto: Eric Fürstmann

Love knows no boundaries – so old-fashioned, so true. Strauß & Fliege knows this all too well. Country boundaries, language barriers or infinitely appearing distances overcome love with ease. You want to marry and have decided to spend your life together. Now it is necessary to make the respective families and friends acquainted with each other and to connect them as close as possible to your wedding party.

Strauß & Fliege designs your multilingual wedding together with you. We can hold your ceremony in different languages. We can either do the entire ceremony in a foreign language or have a bilingual approach. Please ask us in time for your wedding and we will try to follow your wishes.

If you want to go the distance and you want to experience an individual wedding ceremony abroad, we are also the right partner. Strauß & Fliege accompanies you to the Maldives, to Las Vegas or wherever your heart takes you. Please contact us directly.